Friday, January 13, 2012

Nanban - Movie Review

Nanban, a movie about friendship and I had to watch this movie all alone. What an irony of life.
100% remake very neatly directed with beautiful cinematography. Vijay has always been at his best with such simple and humble roles. He has portrayed the subtle character of an intellectual with lots of maturity. Srikanth surprisingly has been effective in converting his dumb reactions into decent acting. Jeeva is no doubt a great potential for Tamil Cinema. Ileana will remind every guy his first girl friend in school or college...Cuteness...Junior Vasanth & Co comes for a few minutes but delivers a power packed performance. Sathyaraj no doubt is the mass for the movie. He has depicted the typical south Indian professor including the lisping mannerisms. Music seems to be quiet a disappointment considering Shankar's involvement in all his movies' songs. Satyan has played the role of Silencer and silenced all his critics. Overall a movie worth watching again in Tamil even if you have watched the original one because of the strong screenplay.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


P:S: (Pre-Script for a change): Inspired by an sms that I received from a friend this morning.

At an age of almost 27, I am now a Man/Guy/Boy/Kid (People call you all these).

This is the time in life: When your sweet crushes, puppy loves, infatuations; girl friends are all getting married.

This is the time in life: When your career has just started taking the slightest elevation on the Product Life Cycle, managing to take care of Maslow’s physiological needs on your own.

This is the time in life: When elders treat you as unproven Fermat’s Last Theorem even if you have more proofs than Pythagoras.

This is the time in life: When college going teenagers think you are too old to have in their group. You are not even invited for the weekend cricket matches. Teenage girls will not even give you a second look. Kids will start calling you “Uncle” and that would be the worst moment of your entire day.

This is the time in life: You seem to enjoy cartoons, super hero flicks, reality shows, soap operas, news and great movies. You seem to love reading comics, novels, newspaper and between the lines.

This is the time in life: You can no longer eat and drink without putting on the pot belly which you used to make fun of when it used to be other’s asset.

This is the time in life: When every aunt of yours asks the same droning and grating question “When are you getting married” “Shall I start looking out for a girl for you”.
When every uncle of yours asks the most perplexing question “What future plans”

This is the time in life: When you are only going with the flow and riding with the wave

This is the time in life: When you have all the buoyancy to rule the world but no great achievements to illustrate.

This is the time in life: When you get to know the crudeness and veracity of the world that we live in.

This is the time in life: When you realize that the education between four walls was only an advert of life and the reality is a whole movie yet to be filmed.

This is the time in life: When you understand that Politics is inevitable in every field of life and it is up to you, how much you negotiate with it and play in the right sporting field.

This is the time in life: When you understand that Wolpert and Macready were no less than geniuses in deriving the NO FREE LUNCH theorem.

This is the time in life: When your over-confidence, ego and pride give way to the subtle but most valuable humility and simplicity.

This is the time in life: When you raise the bar in your own high jump vault, when you armour yourself for the biggest battle of your life ahead.

This is the time in life: When you have to prove your mettle to this world and to the people around you.

This is the time in life: When you have to think about earning goodwill and good people around you.

This is the time in life when everything could look Delusive but you know that the mirage is not too long and you will have the ocean in front of you very soon waiting for you.

Let’s get ready to jump in the Ocean of life and swim across all odds and emerge out as great human beings who make a difference to the world and to the people around us.

Friday, May 28, 2010

25 Years of my Life

"Why does something like this happen only to me"
- This is a question that keeps coming on my mind whenever I face failure, problems, difficulties and tough times in my life (almost every day). Born to a very traditional and highly educated parents (how did I miss out on that???), I have always been brought up with lots of principles, values, discipline and a formal culture (though I am not sure if I follow all of that.....i do assume I possess a few of these qualities). Like anyone and everyone else, I had my dreams at every stage of my life. When I was a 7 years kid I wanted to become an auto rickshaw driver, when I was 12 years young, I wanted to be a cricketer........when I was a teen at 15 I wanted to be a super model.......when I was 18 matured, I wanted to become a Cop, when I was an adult at 21, I wanted to be in the army. None of these happened and today I am 25 years old wanting to know

"Why does something like this happen only to me"

Maybe this would be the same question everyone would be asking ourselves a million times in our lifetimes........

May 28th 2010, many things happened in my life which made me feel

"Why does something like this happen only to me" - but this time it was with a feeling of pride.

A feeling which made me realize what all I have been gifted within these 25 years.

The day started as lazy as ever with me waking up only at 9 after all the early wishes in the midnight till 2 AM. I missed going to the temple and had to convince my Mom saying that I would for sure go to the temple in the evening. Guru and I hit ECR to watch Singam in Mayajaal. On the way Guru tells me a strange co-incidence........Singam was Surya's 25th movie and it was being released on my 25th birthday. This was good enough to make me high and flying without booze and grass early in the morning. To those who dint know, Surya is my secret idol(the whole world knows it though), and I have always been crazy over his movies. We watched the movie with great delight. We were treated to some fast, racy and sensible screenplay by Hari and a very sincere effort from Surya to prove that he is the best at what he does. Now coming back to my day........I came back to the city and had to rush to the party hall for making the arrangements..........The party kick started at 8 PM........everything was going as per my plan and I should be very thankful to all my friends for making it happen, until my sister gave me this surprise video with testimonials of me from 10 people who matter a lot to me.........after that it was all in the air..............everyone likes to talk about themselves.(it is probably why all talk shows are so successful), but here was an opportunity for me to know what my family and friends thought about me with their honest comments. This was indeed a moment which made me realize,

"Why does something like this happen only to me"

This time it was with utmost happiness which made me realize that despite many things not happening in my life, there have been many things which have happened in my life and for the good.

The automorphic number 25 was so Psychologically hitting me as it was now depicting my age, but now I am extremely thankful that this magical number 25 has been a memorable one for me as it has made me realize and cherish my gifts(my sister, parents, cousins and friends).

I have just started my career and it is extremely motivating to know that I have such good people and their love with me. I do not know if I deserve all the love you guys gave me but I promise to do justice to all of that.

Someone has said - Mankind is similar to Wine, Some turn into Vinegar, but the best improve with age. This is possible only when he or she has good family, friends and loved ones around him. I really hope we guys support each other like this day forever...........for all of us to turn into successful individuals.

Thank you all,

Love you loads

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vaaranam Aayiram

After a long wait the much hyped but very less advertised movie "Vaaranam Aayiram" hits the screens. Does it live up to the expectations?.............(depends on what your expectations were). The movie starts like a documentary and ends exactly in the same fashion but whatever happens inbetween is new to Tamil Cinema. Flawless storyline which moves along the life of two men and their priceless relationship of 'Father and Son' cannot be explained in a more emotional and sensible way. The first half of the movie is a movie in itself. It has drama, romance, music, action, humour and ofcourse lots and lots of emotions. The second half of the movie is where the director loses the grip on the audience. Screenplay which is too descriptive could kill a movie commercially as people do not accept it always. The songs have been exceptionally well picturized and it is impossible to pick one among all as the best. If at all there would be repeat audiences for the movie, then it would be mainly because of these songs. The director sweeps you off your feet during the romantic scenes but puts you to sleep during a few scenes in the climax. Good Music is definitely the skin and flesh of any movie in India and it is no different in this case as well. Talking about the starcast, Suriya steals the show just as expected. He has portrayed all the phases in a man's life not only in words but also in his looks which clearly differentiates him from other male actors of his era. This will indeed fall in the lines of nanda, pithamagan, Kaakha Kaakha and Ghajini and is yet another feather in the cap for Suriya. The father role that he plays stands out as a strong memory in our hearts and minds. Sameera Reddy could not have thought of a better debut in Kollywood. She looks like an angel, walks like a damsel, talks like a darling and smiles like a thunderbolt. She probably made the whole movie look more colourful. Simran is probably the unsung star of the movie as she too has donned every phase of her charachter to perfection and has performed effortlessly. Divya or Ramya whatever her name is has done justice to her sweet little cameo. Background scores are nothing exceptional except a few scenes as most of them are picked up from previous movies of Harris Jeyaraj. The movie overall is a beautiful novel which leaves you with a heavy heart at the end.

P:S: You might take a million breaks while reading a novel but unfortunately you have only one break for this beautiful novel which is a little too long.

Finally i get started........

I was always inspired by a few people like one of my professor, friend and cousin to start my own blog, but the biggest obstacle was that i dint know what to blog on. Finally today i realized that i should probably start blogging in what I am best at, which is reviewing movies. So far, I have bugged my friends and relatives by sending huge reviews through sms as long as three attachments whenever I watched a movie. I am not going to stop bugging them but its just that i am going to use a different medium from now on. In this blogspot, i will be blogging on all that comes across my mind which i would love to share with everybody..........So, for those who are reading this blogspace, WELCOME to my world of Branding, Movies, Cricket and much much more........

P:S: This Blog Space is truly and sincerely dedicated to all my teachers and professors because of whom "I am, What I am, today"