Friday, May 28, 2010

25 Years of my Life

"Why does something like this happen only to me"
- This is a question that keeps coming on my mind whenever I face failure, problems, difficulties and tough times in my life (almost every day). Born to a very traditional and highly educated parents (how did I miss out on that???), I have always been brought up with lots of principles, values, discipline and a formal culture (though I am not sure if I follow all of that.....i do assume I possess a few of these qualities). Like anyone and everyone else, I had my dreams at every stage of my life. When I was a 7 years kid I wanted to become an auto rickshaw driver, when I was 12 years young, I wanted to be a cricketer........when I was a teen at 15 I wanted to be a super model.......when I was 18 matured, I wanted to become a Cop, when I was an adult at 21, I wanted to be in the army. None of these happened and today I am 25 years old wanting to know

"Why does something like this happen only to me"

Maybe this would be the same question everyone would be asking ourselves a million times in our lifetimes........

May 28th 2010, many things happened in my life which made me feel

"Why does something like this happen only to me" - but this time it was with a feeling of pride.

A feeling which made me realize what all I have been gifted within these 25 years.

The day started as lazy as ever with me waking up only at 9 after all the early wishes in the midnight till 2 AM. I missed going to the temple and had to convince my Mom saying that I would for sure go to the temple in the evening. Guru and I hit ECR to watch Singam in Mayajaal. On the way Guru tells me a strange co-incidence........Singam was Surya's 25th movie and it was being released on my 25th birthday. This was good enough to make me high and flying without booze and grass early in the morning. To those who dint know, Surya is my secret idol(the whole world knows it though), and I have always been crazy over his movies. We watched the movie with great delight. We were treated to some fast, racy and sensible screenplay by Hari and a very sincere effort from Surya to prove that he is the best at what he does. Now coming back to my day........I came back to the city and had to rush to the party hall for making the arrangements..........The party kick started at 8 PM........everything was going as per my plan and I should be very thankful to all my friends for making it happen, until my sister gave me this surprise video with testimonials of me from 10 people who matter a lot to me.........after that it was all in the air..............everyone likes to talk about themselves.(it is probably why all talk shows are so successful), but here was an opportunity for me to know what my family and friends thought about me with their honest comments. This was indeed a moment which made me realize,

"Why does something like this happen only to me"

This time it was with utmost happiness which made me realize that despite many things not happening in my life, there have been many things which have happened in my life and for the good.

The automorphic number 25 was so Psychologically hitting me as it was now depicting my age, but now I am extremely thankful that this magical number 25 has been a memorable one for me as it has made me realize and cherish my gifts(my sister, parents, cousins and friends).

I have just started my career and it is extremely motivating to know that I have such good people and their love with me. I do not know if I deserve all the love you guys gave me but I promise to do justice to all of that.

Someone has said - Mankind is similar to Wine, Some turn into Vinegar, but the best improve with age. This is possible only when he or she has good family, friends and loved ones around him. I really hope we guys support each other like this day forever...........for all of us to turn into successful individuals.

Thank you all,

Love you loads


vivek said...

Good one!!

"Why does such a thing happen only to me?"
Have u asked this question when u were happy? Asking this question at times of stress is quite unfair macha ;-)

Aaarti said...

Damn cool post!!! here's to more joys, love and awesome stuff!!! :))

Nice, you also saw Singam 1st day and looks like 25 is a lucky number for You!!

"Why does such a thing happen only to me?" is a question we all ask ourselves.. a LOT[and that too only when we are down/upset/etc as you have mentioned] :))

Mrun's-ideations said...

hey! i remember u wanting to be a politician too at some point of time :)

good post....! try asking this question when u are happy, u cant be more happy when u get the answer 7 will definitely feel blessed.

Happy 25th birthday :)

SS said...

good post. enjoyed reading it :)

M@DHU said...

Now i wish to read ur blog when ur 50 years old!! :)

np said...

was dis ur best bday evr ???;)

Wonderboy said...

Its just a number machi !!

Honestly, our generation needs people around. If you take your dad's generation they atleast had 2 - 5 siblings on whom they could rest upon... Family occations, get togethers... all were there to keep them going...

So they could afford to be a'DCIK Head' to other people and very rarely stay narrow minded (no offence).. This generation is evolved, we speak love and practice it too... So 25 today is like, more or less 50 at your dads period (mentally !!)...You have earned all your wisdom and people around you... You should be proud...

I was really very glad to be apart of the evening... I hope to be a part of the same till the road becomes invisible, even then i would wear night vision goggles, lol !!! ...

keep going da... write more !!!

Vivek Ganesh said...

@nits - My best was my 1st.....:-).....I probably made a lot of people happy.....:-)......after that it was doubt.....:-)

Susruthi said...

vivek.. watever u r to others.. no one else cud be any better.. frnd brother watever..
u care for others.. i hav seen u.. thats the best abt u.. and mayb thats y u also hav lots of ppl who love and support u..
wish u lots of happiness.. both in career and personally..
i missed ur best bday celeb.. :-( anyway happy for u.. :-)

ashok said...

first hi,
Man you got to be kiddin me you r jus 25 now this made me started thinking i am also gonna be 25 soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!