Friday, January 13, 2012

Nanban - Movie Review

Nanban, a movie about friendship and I had to watch this movie all alone. What an irony of life.
100% remake very neatly directed with beautiful cinematography. Vijay has always been at his best with such simple and humble roles. He has portrayed the subtle character of an intellectual with lots of maturity. Srikanth surprisingly has been effective in converting his dumb reactions into decent acting. Jeeva is no doubt a great potential for Tamil Cinema. Ileana will remind every guy his first girl friend in school or college...Cuteness...Junior Vasanth & Co comes for a few minutes but delivers a power packed performance. Sathyaraj no doubt is the mass for the movie. He has depicted the typical south Indian professor including the lisping mannerisms. Music seems to be quiet a disappointment considering Shankar's involvement in all his movies' songs. Satyan has played the role of Silencer and silenced all his critics. Overall a movie worth watching again in Tamil even if you have watched the original one because of the strong screenplay.

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